Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A blog that made me very happy

After a 10 days of high stress, and daily 10 hours of research work. I am finally able to relax. And my way of relaxing is getting inspired and being creative. I opened my blog lists to check out what the other creative ones were doing and its was just so exiting.
Thanks to Rang Decor, who was included as one of the best design bloggers. I was introduced to many more to creative people from far of places. Such life, exuberance and inspiration. Totally fell in love instead of working on my won blog I spent much of my spare time read other blogs and soaked in all the beauty.
One of my favorite no doubt is My Marrakesh. I think I love her blog because of it being so much familiar to me. Much of it has such vibrant and energetic colours that Indians are known for. Well, I have noticed before that Moroccan art and architecture is much similar to Indian styles. I think the weather as well as our ancient trade histories have much to contribute for that.

This blog of mine was created to electronically record my own creations and share it with other who may be interested or some wonderful souls who would like to correct me and help be get better. But now, I plan to record my inspirations along with my creations. Its been some time since I made something with my own hands. That's because I am busy with my research and reading a lot of new books.
But I will be back soon with something nice soon.

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